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Scouts Badges Spring Term 2010


Community Challenge ideas

Explore one aspect of how the local community works and is organised to the benefit of its members. The project should include some factfinding, a visit to or from a community facility or group and some form of report back.

For example: visits to see the workings of a theatre, tourist attraction, railway station, airport, local industry; chances to meet people involved in local government, charities, faith groups, interest groups; opportunities to hear about/take part in community traditions/customs, local clubs and interest groups.

Take an active part in some form of local community service totaling at least six hours. The time may be spent doing a number of different projects or by showing commitment to a single project over a longer period of time. For example: running a fund-raising stall or game; delivering leaflets, clearing an area, gardening, collecting materials for recycling, helping with activities for younger children; moving furniture, clearing debris, painting fences, environmental projects. Where possible the service should link in with the visit in Area 1.


Global Challenge ideas

Make contact with Scouts from another country outside the United Kingdom.  Then take part in a Troop or Patrol activity with these Scouts. or

Take part in a Patrol or Troop activity based on things found out during the International contact.

This can be done a number of ways, for example through Nights Away in the UK or overseas, the Internet, pen pals, Jamboree on the-Air (JOTA), Jamboree-on-the-Internet (JOTI), or Lands of Adventure.

Choose and investigate an international issue.

For example:



        Water & sanitation








        Animal welfare


Then complete the following:

        Show an understanding of the issues involved.

        Take some action as a result of research

Compare how the issues affect the UK and countries overseas





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